Group Programs

Engage students with a hands-on program experience they will never forget! Whether it is an in-school field trip, daycare, library, homeschool group, church youth group, or summer camp, we can provide you with fun and educational programs for your students.

Nature Explorers - This wildlife presentation highlights 4-6 of our  animals. Designed for all ages and any kind of audience, participants will get to meet our animals, touch on a variety of subjects like senses, adaptations, and other fun facts that make each animal unique. 

Fabulous Food Chains - Predators, prey and scavengers, oh my! Students will participate in a food chain animal presentation followed by time to examine real animal skulls. Students will gather data about the skulls and share their evidence for coming to the conclusion about whether each skull came from an herbivore, carnivore or omnivore.

Amazing Adaptations - Have you ever wondered how animals in the wild can survive the cold, heat or lack of food?  Learn all about the ways that animals adapt to their surroundings, including behaviors, camouflage and other things that help them to survive.

For Goodness SNAKES - Reptiles represent one of the oldest living species on the planet having existed in many different forms for millions of years.  Participants learn about types of reptiles, characteristics, diet, eggs, hatchlings, growth habits, adaptations and conservation measures.  Find out the differences between freshwater and terrestrial turtles, alligators and crocodiles, venomous and non-venomous snakes plus many more scaly facts.

Wetland Warriors - Children will learn the importance of the wetlands and all that the wetlands provide for us. They will also learn how to take action to save the wetlands and teach others their importance.

Habitats & Ecosystems - Description coming soon!

Pollinators - Description coming soon!



60 minute program

  • Ideal for libraries
  • Up to 80 participants - $100 

45 minute programs

  • Ideal for schools & homeschool groups
  • Up to 40 participants - $75 
  • Add a second program for $65 

Nature Explorers 30 minute program

  • Ideal for daycare centers, Pre-K, Kindergarten, or summer camps
  • Up to 40 participants - $55 
  • Add a second program for $45



    These programs are available for larger groups as well.  Please contact us at to see how we can tailor our programs to fit your needs.